Vertical Gardening

"The product Vertiplant has been developed to make vertical gardening possible for anyone."

A small garden with great potential.

Vertiplant introduces green in gardens where it used to be impossible because of a lack of space. With our products it is now possible to cultivate fruits, vegetables or herbs and/or add flowers to the garden that at first sight seemed too small.

A small garden with great potential

Vertiplant brings green back!

Vertiplant is an ingenius system for adding vertical greenery. It is fully selfsustainable by means of a clever waterintergration system and automatic liquid nutrition. In such way that the plants will develop optimal to a green and/or colorfull blossoming result.

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Highly motivated and skilled team

We are a highly motivated and skilled team specialized in the construction of vertical gardens, green projects with more than 15 years of experience.

Vertiplant consist of a network of highly motivated partners who will be creative in their approach in order to deliver the best possible result to our customers. The product Vertiplant has been developed to make vertical gardening possible for everyone.

A green and flowering result

The product Vertiplant has been developed to make vertical gardening possible for everyone. Vertiplant is an ingenious system to apply vertical greenery, completely self-supporting by means of a water-integration and liquid nutrition system enabling plants to develop and grow in a most optimal way resulting in a green and/or colorful flowering end result.

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      A small garden doesn’t have to mean............ you have to choose between gardening or functionality, apply vertical gardening and they both go nicely together.
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