Why become partner of Vertiplant

Greenery has a big value to human and animal. Greenery has a positive influence on the welfare of people and the development of children. The awareness, however is still inadequate with companies and citizens

Vertiplant cares for a reliable partner that features quality, craftmanship, and guarantee in the green sector. With our independent norms and values, Vertiplant can distinguish themselves on the market.


Partner / Garden designer / Network of Vertiplant:

    • Partner                    ( Realises and maintains Vertiplant products )
    • Garden designer     ( Designs gardens or outside space with Vertiplant products )
    • Network                  ( Supports Vertiplant )

You will be named as Partner / Garden designer / Network on the Vertiplant website. A whole new page will be designed and designated to your company. On this page Vertiplant can show who you are and what you feature. We will use texts that you send us to be on the page. 


Vertiplant will provide a ''startersbox'' wich will contain of:

  • A course / introduction construction and maintenance of Vertiplant products.
  • Pictures and texts of the products.
  • Flyer material.
  • A reference to your company on the Vertiplant website.

Vertiplant provides promotion and branding via social media :


Our goals: 

Realising high quality gardens and green spaces and to make sure that greenery isn't seen as an expence, but as an important investment.  Vertiplant strives for an increase in market sales for the entrepeneurs. However, the entrepeneurs are able to make their own choices about taking the oppurtunities given by Vertiplant. We disere to make vertical gardening available for anyone!




promotes the interests of entrepreneurs in the green market. Together we raise our hands to: 

• A competitive prise
• High quality products 
• Reliability and transparency
• A positive image


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