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  • Vertical Gardening with Vertiplant

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    A beautiful project where a costom vertiplant has been placed! This time delivered with a steel frame.   Following are some photos that show the results of the first day in development:
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  • Green facade system

    A green facadesystem contains of Vertically placed modules of panels where plants will be added in. The modules will be attached to a building or structure via a hang up system, or places on its own
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  • Heather

    In September, the summerblossoms have reached their top in your garden or terras: Time for heather to start their engines. Heather is a gardenplant of the month September and provides much colour
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  • What is Vertical Gardening?

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    With Vertical Gardening the sky is the limit, YES! Sounds pretty fancy right? Don't worry, it is available for everyone! It is the best, green and maintance soft sollutions to small gardens, dull
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  • Vertical Gardening with Sedum

    Sedum is a species out of the fatplantfamily with four to five hundred different types. The Sedum types are featured on the whole Northern Hemisphere. The plants are De planten zijn succulents that
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